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Steampunk goggles

Today I thought I would take sometime to highlight a popular subculture and something that is unique within that culture. The subculture I will be touching on today is steampunk. 


Steampunk is an internationally popular subculture based on a pre-industrial revolution world. The computer and electricity are not often used and everything is conducted through steam power. This is to say basically everything is is done by burning something and producing steam. Some of the key fashion points from steampunk is the use of leather (leading alot of people to say that it is a very brown fashion) and alot of brass and bronze colors. One of the most distrinct and often thought of as only piece necessary for a steampunk is the steampunk goggle.(If you are still thinking "What is steampunk?" then please click that link for a better explaination)

The steampunk goggle is roughly based off of the preindustrial revolution welding goggle. Some of the goggles can use a base material of leather, which would be more like a aviators goggles, but predominately steampunk goggles use a brass or bronze bas material. The goggles can have mods giving them extra lenses similar to a jewelers loop and the lens on the goggles can have various adornments as well as various shades of color. The steampunk goggle is a keypin in the steampunk culture, I believe, mostly because it underpins the whole idea of a more hand crafted society of artisan machinists.

BEfore the industrial revolution, machines were made individually. Most of the time, a machine would be hand built by one artisan from start to finish. After Henry ford created the assembly line, this method of creation was seen to be inefficent and everywhere moved away from the artisan machinist. Steampunk seeks to glorify the days of artisan machinist and the welding goggle is a perfect way to highlight that fact.

With the addition of some victorian way and some leather accessories, one can easily pull off a steampunk outfit. If you are looking for a place to purchase good quality and very unique steampunk fashion, we could suggest you take the time to look at Victorian Foundry. At, they have some of the most unique steampunk items we have ever seen and the reviews on everything express great satisfaction as well as amazing customer services. Which means you can't go wrong! So go get some steampunk tights, corsets, and goggles and bring back the sexy to the artisan machinist! 

Post by blenderbase (2016-07-06 23:30)

Tags: steampunk steampunk goggles steampunk fashion

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